Esfandiar Imanzadeh (born February 10, 1966, Salmas) is a sculptor, a member of the Ferdowsi Foundation’s Board of Trustees and a member of the Iranian think tank.


Esfandiar Imanzadeh was born in Salmas, a border town of West Azerbaijan, into a family of twelve and was the second child, and of course the eldest son of the male family. He grew up in a fairly traditional family and at a relatively low level. His father was a laborer, and the relocated family, and the children had to help the father with his living. Esfandiar Imanzadeh, the eldest son of the family, felt more responsible for the family as he worked independently with his father during the summer school year.


  • Selected as the Top National Entrepreneur in the National Top Entrepreneurs Festival of the country and received a Golden Certificate of Appreciation
  • Selected as Top Entrepreneur at Sheikh Baha’i Festival by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
  • Selected as the Top Entrepreneur at the Amir Kabir Entrepreneurial Festival by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and receive a Certificate of Appreciation
  • Exemplary Entrepreneur at the National Iranian Heroes Industry Festival
  • Honorary Diploma from Elite Academy of Iran
  • Receiving a badge of honor from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Receiving consent from the Harvard Researchers Association
  • Selected as a handmade artisan by Tehran Agricultural Jihad Organization in year 3
  • Acknowledgment from UNESCO National Secretariat
  • Honorary membership in Iranian thinkers association and member of cultural commission
  • Introduced in the book Salmas Celebrities
  • Introduced in the Yearbook of Cultural Figures
  • Receiving various letters of appreciation from governmental institutions and scientific and cultural centers of the country
  • Letter of Appreciation from French Embassy in Honor of Hakim Omar Khayyam


  • Cooperation with Iranian universities in the field of entrepreneurship training workshops
  • Cooperation with UNESCO National Secretariat
  • Working with Mr Majidi, Permanent Representative of Iran to UNESCO, to establish a permanent exhibition of statues of Iranian celebrities and myths in the UNESCO main building in Paris
  • Collaboration with Ferdowsi Foundation for the construction of the statue of Wise Ferdowsi for Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • Presenter of the project for the creation of a garden of Iranian manuscripts in Niavaran cultural complex


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Esfandiar Imanzadeh
Born March 2, 1966
Nationality Iran
Awards The country’s top entrepreneur in the industry and manufacturing sector