Tandis Shahriar Carriageway

National identity is considered as one of the basic concerns of any nation, especially the young generation of any nation. Our young generation is searching for their identity in their history, culture and literature. It is very gratifying and gratifying that we Iranians are among the oldest and richest nations in the world in terms of history, civilization and culture, and our celebrities are the mirror image of our Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization. On the other hand, although we Iranians We are proud to have such great people, but the most important thing is to know and learn from our celebrities better and more accurately; On the one hand, science and knowledge, on the other hand, poetry and literature, on the other hand, courage and perseverance, and on the other hand, prudence and politics, or self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice.
It is obvious that the two basic dimensions of our identity, the Islamic and the national dimension, especially with a historical perspective, are the best medicine to solve the identity crisis that our society is struggling with. On the other hand, these two dimensions of our identity are so intertwined that, fortunately, it is not possible to separate them. Is it possible to separate a great scientist like Abu Ali Sina, who many societies long for such a genius in their history, from Islam or Did Iran see it separately? Even about a figure like Rostam Dastan, who historically belongs to the pre-Islamic period, he believes that Iranians have an Iranian-Islamic identity. Undoubtedly, by using the art of volume making to introduce the great scientific and cultural figures of this borderland, culture and civilization become thousands of years old, as one of the effective methods along with cultural and artistic services of organizations and institutions responsible for the country.

Company History

The Shahriar statue and statue production complex, with the help of God Almighty, has started its activities in the field of rich Iranian culture and art since 1991 with two members and now continues its activities with more than 730 committed and specialized manpower. His love of the art of volume making, on the one hand, and his interest in reviving the greats of history, on the other, have always been the greatest support and encouragement of this collection to continue on this path. The complex seeks to make enthusiasts of this border and landscape a guest of the wonders of ancient Iranian history and a partner of its own pleasures with the art of volume making, and by having a complete collection of ancient mullahs, famous statues and Persian myths, the constant host of students, Students, professors, domestic and foreign scientific, cultural and artistic figures. This has led us to build a museum park in the city of Shahriar, which, with its completion and commissioning, can be widely hoped to accurately identify the country’s cultural symbols. In this regard, and with the support of more than 20 years of scientific study and valuable experiences, using the art of volume making to introduce the great scientific and cultural figures of this region, we designed and built 500 Sardis (half-trunks) of Iranian celebrities, celebrities and elders. Has done.

The Path and the Way of Selling

– Customer management and responding to changing expectations.
– Clear and accurate accountability and accountability to stakeholders.
– Paying attention to social responsibilities, trying to protect the environment and the rights of future generations.
– Public participation of human capital of the company.
– Group work and accountability.
– Use high quality raw materials.
– Using modern technologies in the process of production to distribution and installation.
– Quality, continuous and continuous improvement.