Dear user! Please carefully consider the following items in order to make the best use of the services and facilities of Tandis Store and Shahriar Statue.

It is worth mentioning that users log in to use the site’s facilities, register and use their personal profile, register orders and purchases, use incentive plans and other services provided by the statue and statue of Shahriar to accept the terms and conditions and how to use One of the services and facilities is the statue and statue of Shahriar.
It should be noted that the user is aware that for the statue and statue of Shahriar, there will always be the right to replace the previous terms and conditions with a clause of the following terms and conditions or all its clauses.
It should also be noted that the use of “statue and statue of Shahriar” refers to the site of statue and statue of Shahriar (commercial website of “Tandis and Shahriar statue”) and “company” refers to the complete company of “statue and statue of Shahriar” and bar The related rights also lead to this company.

General rules

Note that all the principles and procedures in the statue and statue of Shahriar are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, e-commerce law and consumer protection law, and consequently the user is obliged to comply with user-related laws. If there are any changes in the rules, procedures and services of the statue and the statue of Shahriar in the future, they will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site means acceptance of any changes in It is.

Customer or user

A customer or user is a person who uses his / her user information in the registration form to register an order or any use of the statue and statue services of Shahriar.

Electronic communications

Your use of the services and services of the statue and statue of Shahriar, registration of online ordering of goods or requesting services or sending e-mail to different parts of the statue and statue of Shahriar, includes electronic communication and if your request complies with all principles and procedures. If so, you agree that Shahriar’s statue and statue will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail, SMS and other e-services).
Also, in order to inform about events, services and services, it is possible for the statue and statue of Shahriar to send emails or text messages to the members of the website. Users can unsubscribe from the newsletter if they do not wish to receive such emails and text messages.

Note: Misuse of the name of the statue and statue of Shahriar is a violation, and if you receive a text message or fake email with the name of the statue and statue of Shahriar, please inform for legal action.

Register, process and send orders

A working day means Saturday to Thursday of each week, with the exception of public holidays in Iran. The statue and statue of Shahriar allow its customers to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but all orders placed during the working days and for orders placed on vacation, on the first day after Holidays are processed.
All orders registered on the site are processed by sending an invoice by e-mail. The statue and statue of Shahriar always pays the utmost care and effort in sending and delivering all registered orders. However, if the inventory of the product is exhausted, even after the customer attempts to register the order, the right to cancel it or refund the order for the statue and the statue of Shahriar is reserved, or the customer can replace the finished product. Replace another product. Also, in case of any problem in the final processing of the shopping cart, such as running out of inventory or cancellation of the customer, the amount paid will be credited to the customer’s account within 24 to 48 working hours.

The basis of the statue and statue of Shahriar is the entry of correct and complete information by users when registering the order, so the user is responsible for failure to deliver on time if incomplete or incorrect information is entered. Customers can enter the name, address and phone number of another person to receive the order, and if the order amount has been prepaid, a valid ID card must be provided when the order is received by the recipient.

Due to the system registration of the order, it is not possible to re-issue the invoice or change the information entered in it – including changing the actual invoice to legal. Therefore, customers need to be careful when registering an order, and if they need to be issued a legal invoice, they need to consult with the customer service department before placing an order.
Also, it is not possible to pay on the spot for orders that are sent by freight or their amount is more than 10 million Rials, and it is necessary to settle the amount of such orders by card-to-card payment or online payment before sending.

Damage during transportation

The statue and statue of Shahriar always tries its best to ensure that all orders reach their customers all over the country without any damage. Due to the safe and standard packaging of all shipments, delivery to any reputable shipping company of the user’s choice and declaration of the consignment note (insertion in the shopping cart and notification via SMS) means that the update Any accident during transportation and delivery is the responsibility of the transportation company, and the statue and statue of Shahriar will only compensate the damage if the carrier orders the order and in order to facilitate the follow-up.

7-day product return service

See the Product Return Terms and Conditions page for more information.

The statue and statue of Shahriar may have links to other sites, so it has no responsibility for the content of these sites. The statue site and statue of Shahriar have provided these links for the convenience of users, and the existence of any of these links or changing their content at any time, means the connection of sites or acceptance of responsibility for their content with the statue and statue. He is not a prince. You agree that you are solely responsible for any damages or damage caused by the loss or other malicious files that may result from the loss and use of data and files belonging to the linked sites. Had.


With respect to all users’ comments, in order to send comments, be sure to consider the following rules. Obviously, if these rules are not followed in the user’s comments, his opinion will not be approved and therefore will not be displayed on the site; However, the statue and statue of Shahriar have no responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the published comments of users. Also, displaying user comments on the site does not in any way imply endorsement. Therefore, dear users are requested not to base their opinions on their choices and decisions.
User reviews should include product-related tips, in use, or personal experience.

Have the desired content and character.
Items that do not include the definition of the desired character:
Repeated use of a letter or word or space
Repetitive statement with different writing
Only comments that are relevant to the product in question will be approved, so refrain from making miscellaneous and irrelevant comments.
As much as possible, avoid exaggerating and exaggerating the advantages or disadvantages, otherwise the opinion will not be approved.
Only comments written in Persian letters and in Persian can be reviewed and other comments will not be approved in any way.
Users who submit comments are required to use respectable literature and not to insult other users; Obviously, any insult to the person or persons will not confirm the user’s opinion.
Please avoid discussions outside of discussion with other users!
All users have the right to post their comments on the site, provided that you follow the rules, so if you find a comment that is far from the truth, biased or wrong, you should not address or criticize the commenter. Each user can only express their opinion and leave the judgment to the readers of the comments.
Decision-making and policy-making regarding the prices offered on the site is done according to the study of various components, so please refrain from discussing and criticizing the price in the comments section.
The “username” of the commenters must include the name and surname in Persian letters; Therefore, comments submitted under an unauthorized username, even if they do not violate the above-mentioned rules, will not be approved.
Please refrain from linking to other sites in your comments.
It is forbidden to record personal contact information, such as phone number or email address in the comments section, so do not record such contact information in the comments.
Users are required to record content that is useful to site visitors and to refrain from expressing any personal, unrelated or unnecessary content in this section.
Please submit your comments in writing rather than orally, and avoid shortening words or using colloquial literature as much as possible.

Keep in mind that the Shahriar Statue and Sculpture reserves the right to edit user comments, but other edits that are made to comply with these rules are not possible. Also, the comments that users have posted about the product on the website are the personal experience or information of the individuals and do not create any responsibility for them and the statue and statue of Shahriar.


We pay tribute to the statue and statue of Shahriar in order to provide our best service (s) in order to produce content from reputable sources and authorities, as well as companies that manufacture products, but it is still necessary to mention that the statue and statue of Shahriar does not guarantee ‌ May the product descriptions or other content on the site be error free. Please note that if the product provided by the statue and statue of Shahriar has any discrepancy with the information posted on the site, the only solution is to return the product before use and in the original condition.
The statue and statue of Shahriar does not accept any responsibility for the removal of pages from its site or dead links. The services of the site are provided as they are and under no circumstances are they responsible for the delay or non-functioning of the site which may be due to unexpected factors, manpower, internet problems, computer and telecommunication equipment, etc.

Pricing policy

With the utmost respect to the users, the statue and statue of Shahriar cannot announce the final price and inventory of the goods “definitively” before placing the order. Therefore, in very rare cases, and if there are fluctuations in the market or mistakes in pricing, if an order cannot be delivered, the statue and statue of Shahriar is obliged to inform the ordering person as soon as possible. And cancel the order. It should be noted that this is also the case for goods that are subject to price reduction after registration, and it is possible to update and apply the new price.
The price of all products includes VAT and the customer pays a separate amount for VAT.