Shopping guide from Tandis Shahriar


1- Searching and selecting goods

You can use three methods to search for your desired product on the statue site and the statue of Shahriar:

– Use the search bar tool

There is a search tool at the top of the site’s pages, and you can go directly to your product by typing the name or part of that product’s name in the search bar.

– Using segmentation of product groups

Below the search bar tool is the product grouping, which displays the category of related products by placing the mouse pointer on each of them.

Then, by clicking on the product categories, you will be taken to an advanced search page where you can limit your search type or color based on the manufacturer.

In the next steps, you can use the site’s advanced search tool and easily select your desired product by selecting the features that are most important to you, in addition to limiting the price range of the product.

– Search results

After selecting the desired product group, in the search bar next to the group title, you can search for the model or name of the desired product, for example: In a specific group, you can measure the desired model, brand or characteristic.

There are also sections on the site, including “Latest Products”, “Most Popular Goods” and “Best Sales”, which can help you choose products. Help your desired product.


2- Adding goods to the shopping cart

After selecting the product that you have the final decision to buy, you will enter the shopping cart page by clicking on the Add to Cart option. If you want to buy more goods, add them to your shopping cart to be processed and sent to you as an order. It should be noted that if the total amount of goods ordered by you is more than one hundred thousand tomans, in Tehran, it will be subject to the free express delivery of Tandis Shahriar.


3- Finalizing the purchase

After selecting the desired goods and adding them to the shopping cart, you must complete and finalize your order in the following 3 steps:

1) Log in to the user section, 2) Order sending information 3) Payment information.

If you have added your desired goods to the shopping cart without logging in to the site, you must log in to the site by entering your username and password in the “Login to statue and statue of Shahriar” step. If you do not already have an account in the statue and statue of Shahriar, you can easily become a member of the site in a few seconds by entering your email and details, and then register your shopping cart. Then, in the next steps, your order will be registered and ready to be processed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the FAQ section.