One of our most important goals in terms of e-commerce in the statue and statue shop of Shahriar is the satisfaction of each customer, and for this reason, the statue and statue of Shahriar are trying to get any order to the customer in the most appropriate conditions. However, customers may, after purchasing and finalizing their order, may send, receive or use at different stages depending on various issues (whether the defects in the goods received or the customer’s withdrawal from the purchase and other issues). From the product (after receiving the ordered goods) decide to cancel their purchase. The statues and statues of Shahriar in these cases, and in the case of items other than gifts that have been sent on various occasions or as gifts and with the amount of zero sent in the invoice, are subject to a 7-day product warranty.
What are the conditions for using a 7-day money back guarantee?

General conditions

Please contact after-sales service support before any action is taken and do not send the goods without coordination with the after-sales service.
Any change in the initial condition of the product will eliminate the possibility of using this service. It is necessary to keep the carton and the main box of the products and to avoid throwing it away.
If you cancel the purchase, the shipment will be the responsibility of the customer.
Writing a description, address or any other item on the carton or the main box of the product or tearing and distorting it will eliminate the possibility of using the return guarantee.
If the purchased item is accompanied by a gift, it is mandatory to return the gift with it.

Dedicated conditions

If the purchased product is not shipped:
It will be possible to cancel the delivery of goods by the statue and statue of Shahriar, without any additional costs. This is possible by calling the customer’s affairs by phone and then sending the cancellation request as soon as possible via the customer’s registered e-mail along with the order details (order tracking number, date and amount) to
After confirming the cancellation of sending the goods, our colleagues in the statue and statue of Shahriar will coordinate the return of the order through the customer’s contact information.

If the goods received are defective:
Defective situation must be reported within seven business days of receiving the goods.
It is necessary to keep the carton and the main box of the product or products sent and to avoid throwing it away.
Use of this service is only possible if the product is returned in its original carton or box.

Note: This service does not cover any defects such as breakage, scratches, etc. on the product caused by the user’s misuse of the product. “Improper use after delivery” includes items such as transportation and improper handling, unusual use and maintenance, and different use of the manufacturer’s recommendation (if listed in the product catalog or manual).

If the purchased product is in conflict with the website information in terms of specifications or physical appearance:
Any discrepancies must be reported to the after-sales service unit by phone, email or in person within 24 working hours of receipt of the goods.
If the discrepancy is visible without the use of the product, such as the color or specifications on the body, the product must be in its original condition and not used.
If it is possible to detect a discrepancy without opening the package, it is possible to process the customer’s request if the product has not been removed from its original packaging.

If the damage is caused by transportation:
Damage must be reported to the after-sales service within 24 working hours of receipt of the goods.
Due to the safe and standard packaging of all shipments, delivery to any of the reputable shipping companies of the user’s choice and declaration of the consignment note means that any shipping accident during shipping and delivery is the responsibility of the shipping company. And it is quoted and only if the carrier company approves the order and in order to facilitate the follow-up, it compensates the damage.
Damaged goods and all accessories and accessories must be sent to the after-sales service in the same way as the customer has received, along with the official minutes of the carrier and the invoice.
If the damage is visible at the time of delivery, the customer can refuse to take delivery of the consignment to be returned for review and re-shipment.

How to send goods

To ship, the goods must be well packaged in their original box or carton, and the gift must be accompanied by additional items along with the goods.
Since writing a description, address, label, or any other item on the carton or original box of the product or tearing and distorting it will eliminate the possibility of using the return guarantee, if necessary, buy your description behind the invoice or Write separate paper.
Send the invoice with the goods and write the problem on the back.
If the product is a gift and the invoice is not sent at the request of the buyer, along with the order, pre-email the invoice, print it out, or write your order code and purchase details on a separate piece of paper.
If you live outside the cities of Tehran and Karaj, please use Pishtaz post to facilitate and expedite the process of returning the money. It should be noted that the costs of returning the goods are the responsibility of the customer, except for the leading post, and the company has no obligation to pay for these costs. However, the cost of the vanguard post will be credited to the customer’s account after the approval of the after-sales service by presenting the invoice and receipt of the postal company based on the postal company’s tariffs and according to the company’s rules and instructions.
If you live in Tehran, for coordination